Schuylkill Christian Church

780 South Route 183

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 17972

(570) 516 - 8962

Schuylkill Christian Church

Jesus calls us to ‘Go into ALL the World and tell everyone about His love and grace’.

We are real people who want to share in this life changing event with you. The church is

not a building…but a group of people who want to share the Gospel of Christ in a real world

that is not surrounded by walls. We want to surround the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

Bible Lesson

Our Sunday night meetings are a combination of worship and Bible study. We may meet in a classroom or maybe in the auditorium for a brief song service, and then retire to a classroom for Bible study. Right now we are in a series on the Life of Christ, a chronological study that will take us a year to complete. We will post the class material in pdf form here.

As Jesus finishes His sermon in parables, he abruptly calls for a boat to take Him to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. His fatigue causes Him to quickly fall asleep in the stern, and as so often happens here, a violent storm strikes without warning. The Sea of Galilee is 6 1/2 miles wide and 12 miles long, 682 feet below sea level in a bowl-like formation in the mountains. Winds are revolving rather than directional, and keeping the bow into the wind becomes impossible. The design of the fishing boat made it vulnerable to waves breaking over the side, and they were "swamped", as per Luke's term, and close to sinking. Could you have passed this test of faith? As Jesus said, "Where is your faith?"

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